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Feb 8, 2013 8:00am PST
. the peace walk is really telling young people to choose education over guns, not to solve your problems with gun violence but with diplomacy and that's so important and with all of this gun violence happening around america, the stand your ground law, mr. roberts, is a law that in trayvon's situation makes no sense. how can you be the aggressor, how can you initiate the confrontation and then say, after i shoot a kid in the heart, i was just standing my ground? so this trayvon martin amendment to the stand your ground law, simply, you can't be aggressor and start the confrontation and then claim that you stood your ground. >> mr. crump, i want to talk to you about what took place in court this week. zimmerman and his side were trying to push more time before going to trial. explain what happened in court and then who was witness number eight? >> certainly. on february 5th, which would have been trayvon martin's 18th birthday, we had a scheduled court hearing to talk about different issues in the trial and that courtroom on that day, the spirit of trayvon martin was definitely in the cou
Feb 5, 2013 8:00am PST
, they're education initiatives, simplifying the tax code, health care reforms, and immigration reform. jacqui, these are all kind of popular issues that the right could take the lead on and gain traction with. but what do you think about eric cantor trying to come out to rebrand, especially, when he's been down this rebranding road before? >> yeah, we have seen this before from eric cantor. and you know, the fact that he is making this speech, to try to renew momentum on some of these issues, i mean, is something that he's been wanting to do since december, when the republicans rr pretty divided. but the devil's in the details with these kind of speeches. when you're talking about tax reform, i think he told "national review" that he wants to look at a family-friendly tax reform. well, when you have a budget chairman preparing a budget that's going to balance in ten years, it's going to be really hard to keep things like the child tax credit. so we're going to see how this pans out, because you can't talk about a budget plabalancing in years without cutting some tax cuts that are real
Feb 6, 2013 8:00am PST
at producing results in areas like education, health care, innovation, and job growth. >> congressman, how does this rebraineding or the mission or the hope that the republican party has of trying to put some new paint on the brand mesh with all of the big policy fights that are going on right now in washington, d.c.? >> well, republicans know they're hurting after the last election, but they think the solution to this is somehow just to change the packaging, to change the way they talk about their policies, when the real problems are their underlying policies themselves. so, for example, the american people support comprehensive immigration reform. the president has put forth a proposal. we're looking at bipartisan proposals emerging from the senate. but the house for the most part under republican control is not taking any leadership on that issue. the same with gun safety issues. very common sense proposals, things like having a universal background check. again, the house is sitting on their hands. all they want to deal with are some of these budget gimmicks they're talking about and not ev
Feb 1, 2013 8:00am PST
may be more or less homophobic. i think that it's all about education and having these thoughtful conversations about what it means to be an lgbtq person. >> if you had to do it all over again, would you come out while you were actively playing? do you regret that you didn't? >> i don't think i was ready to come out. i think that i had a lot of self-hatred, and i think that if i had morale lies to be in my corner, then, yes. >> well, wade, it's good to have you here and nice to meet you. >> thank you so much for having me on. >> and i'm just going to say go rave ravens, that's all i'm going to say. that's all i've been saying this whole hour. the super bowl, it's going to kick off with the touching tribute, and it's time now for the super bowl side bar. grammy winner jennifer hudson will join the chorus from sandy hook elementary to sing "mesh the beautiful." the 26 students and their families to new orleans ahead of the game, and read her lips. beyonce facing the media at a super bowl news conference yesterday. she admitted to lip-synching at the president's inauguration and sett
Feb 4, 2013 8:00am PST
saying the losses will soon spread as contracts to states and cities are cut, education and police grants are cut, and payments to medicare providers are cut, even the aid just approved to victims of hurricane sandy will fall under the sequester's act. americans are about to find out what happens when an entire political party demands deficit reduction at all costs because those costs will be enormous. that being an editorial. the economic impact of all of this, when we look at that, when does it really trump political fears that this is a real reality? >> it might never trump political fears. have you noticed politicians being so worried about preserving the economy the last couple years? we could hit, and it's worth saying we have not actually come to one of these cliffs or deadlines where we have gone over. we didn't shut down the government in february 2011, didn't breach the debt ceiling in august 2011, didn't go over the fiscal cliff for very long in january of 2012, and we very likely and at least could kick off the debt ceiling for a couple months so far, so so far we haven't actu
Feb 7, 2013 8:00am PST
of immigration. they care about education for their kids. they care about health care. they care about the economy. so, again, we come back to that issue of just putting out a person of color isn't going to do it for you. case in point, bobby jindal. so he has a very tall order in front of him, marco rubio. >> but he's got a long career ahead of him if he plays his cards right certainly. he's only 41 years old. a name we'll be talking about a long time to come. victoria, thanks so much. nice to see you. >> thanks, thomas. >>> we've been talking about it all hour. john brennan, the man that the president wants to lead the cia going before the senate intelligence committee this afternoon. this comes hours after the white house directed the department of justice to allow select members of congress to see the classified documents which outline the administration's legal justifications for drone strikes against u.s. citizens. ultimately, it's part of the president's nif tiinitiative to his white house more transparent as he previously promised jon stewart he would do. >> one of the things w
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am PST
over the past few years. >> they talk about the need to keep american educated immigrants in the united states. we will talk about it on the other side. >> right now there brilliant students sitting in classrooms at the top universities. they are earning degrees in the fields of the future like emergencyi i energying engineering and computer science. >> put this into perspective. how big of a problem is this? >> i'm actually from ohio and when i went back during the election season rveg, they were bringing up how many international students were going to ohio state and graduating and contributed back to the community and wanted to stay to provide their intellect to help with the innovation. the big question is what kind of work visas can they get. what future can they have? at the same time family reunionification reunion i ification. >> we mentioned the numbers. i don't think a lot of folks in the country full low appreciate that shift we have seen. there is a misconception that the overwhelming number of people are from mexico and latin america. why do we think that exists? >> there a
Feb 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
or agricultural workers or areas of s.t.e.m. education that would give immediate green cards. i think in the end you will see more of a piecemeal effort than the comprehensive. >> really? >> although i think this is a good beginning. >> you think it will be step by step, incremental, not the whole kit 'n' kaboodle, what the white house wants to see? >> i do. i have been in those negotiations and meetings, and i think you find one group for a part of it, but then they fall out on something else, and, therefore, the something else, and then the first group falls out. i have seen that, and i think in the end, you will have a good start, and i think this is a good start, but i think you are going to have much more incremental successes and i think we should start on those incremental successes. >> really quickly while i have you here, let's switch gears to the other hot topic. gun rights. a long-time supporter, a grade "a" from the nra while in office. you recently said that high capacity magazines are a real danger to our society. what else needs to happen? and politically at this particular junctu
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)